Saludos cordiales.

Romina Zatonyl

"Pasión Cristiana"

"Pasion Cristiana" es una obra en español e inglés, para toda persona, tambien inclinada para el sector no vidente con audiolibros grabados en radio difusión, llevando a cabo los trabajos realizados de los libros electrónicos en formato mp3 audiolibro y en digital ebook. Próximamente libro en papel.
"Pasión Cristiana" está inspirada y narrada poéticamente por las creaciones de Dios, resaltando su majestuosidad e influencia en la vida del ser humano, el vínculo amoroso con Él en lo cotidiano y la relación con su Hijo Jesucristo como excelencia, experiencias milagrosas y sueños con discernimientos reveladores.
Te invito a que vueles, camines por tierra y disfrutes a cada instante con "Pasión Cristiana."

When I was fifteen, I wrote poems because I fell in love with a platonic love. One day I told Christ: "My Lord I have no one to write poems to, so I want to write them to you." So, the Lord Jesus asked me to reach the blind people, too. My first poems for Christ began since 2017.
In that year 2006, the Lord Jesus Christ came to my encounter without expectation, I didn't know Him. He made me live unparalleled moments when I worked on the radio sharing the Gospel, at Diamante FM in "La Plata" in the Province of Buenos Aires-Argentina, inviting everyone to the theatre for liberation or the laying on of hands.
Through the years, while I' ve been living in Oviedo, Asturias in Spain, I' ve been able to experience His great love for me and for many people, who have come looking for His love, help or comfort to share about a supernatural and miraculous Christ. While I have been working in the health sector since 2010 until now, my Lord has blessed and strengthened my life with the ministry of deliverance with Jesus.
In this poetry book, I want to share supernatural experiences, discerning dreams and inspirations in the Creation of God. I invite you to fly and at the same time walk on the earth enjoying every single moment with Christian Passion.